Recycled Gold

We always aim to use more sustainable production methods, which is why we use recycled gold in our products instead of mining new gold. This means the metal is melted down and refined until it reaches its purest form, and does not decline in quality throughout the process.
Using recycled gold means we avoid creating waste, depleting natural resources and supporting harmful practices or unethical gold sources.

Lab-grown diamonds

We favor lab-grown diamonds over natural diamonds because they don’t involve mining, are conflict-free and have a smaller environmental footprint.
Created using electricity, lab-grown diamonds have the same crystal structure, clarity and beautiful sparkle as natural diamonds, and are just as durable. As the more responsible, ethical choice, that doesn’t compromise on quality, we love lab-grown diamonds and are sure you will too.

Crafted to last

Quality, craftsmanship and durability are key to creating the type of fine jewelry that lasts for decades to come. Our pieces are lovingly hand-crafted by artisans who have years of experience, putting the utmost care and attention into each item.